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the ONE6 Bench

Structure ONE6 is born from LVL, a wood product engineered for performance and durability. A specialized manufacturing process results in a material that is strong, straight and consistent with distinctive aesthetic properties.

At six metres long, the reduced-edge profile along the length of the bench accentuates the impressive span that can only be achieved by LVL beam construction.

The use of CNC carving allowed for the design of an innovative joint, strengthened through the load bearing application.

This synthesis of human, machine and material results in an object that is guaranteed to be a spectacle in any environment.

Project done in collaboration with Mainland Woodworks

This project was done in collaboration with IDSWest, BC Wood, and Brisco Manufacturing as part of a program called STRUCTURE

STRUCTURE is a program that is built around the idea of nurturing and showcasing innovative solutions that designers can create using British Columbia forest products. In its first year IDSWest and BC Wood teamed up to bring designers together with Brisco's LVL products. Brisco has identified that their product has uses beyond strictly being a hidden structural element in a building. With a number of new projects in progress, our designs are intended to compliment these, but explore elements beyond that of building construction. 


Check out the blog for the "making of" the ONE6