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Prototypes + Explorations


There is an estimated 18.1 million hectares in British Columbia affected by the mountain pine beetle epidemic, making the blue-stained lumber a common sight in lumber yards in Western Canada. These design explorations transform readily available 2x4 dimensional lumber into contemporary furniture pieces that make use of the blue stain unique to BKP. The objective is to develop a standardized system of assembly from which multiple designs can be derived, to serve an intended purpose.

#8 Big box - An exploration in scale, reminiscent of obsolete forms of home entertainment technology.

#15 Full round - An exploration in form diverging from the 90° relationships standard for dimensional lumber, and closer to the natural form of wood.

#13 Lamp Man

An exploration in function, a solution to the need for a lamp, storage, and, side table in one location.


#10 Knockdown stool 

An exploration in usability, based on our transient activities and the need for products to be moved over distances.