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Official press release, November 13, 2012

First year participants' work to establish a Design community in East Van brings a fresh perspective to the 2012 Culture Crawl.

From November 16 – 18, the House of Doors will aptly open its doors to the public in an event hosted by OGA Design Group as part of the 2012 Eastside Culture Crawl.

The event highlights the work of in-house designers, Logan Gilday, Pat Christie and Ben McLaughlin: Emily Carr Industrial Design graduates, pursuing independent design-related ventures in Vancouver. Their work includes a collection of furniture, acoustic pieces and objects for space, derived from wood, ceramic and metal. 

Owners Logan Gilday and Danielle Jasinski started the OGA Design Group two years ago with the dream of creating and fostering a local design community. 

“Operating as a door company has been our means to pursue the elusive design career here in Vancouver,” says Gilday,“We wanted to establish an affordable shop space that would encourage and attract like-minded designers into the area.” 

The House of Doors manufactures and supplies custom solid wood doors to home owners and industry in Vancouver and lower mainland. This base business has allowed them to open up their shop to OGA and a tight-knit community of wood-working designers at an affordable rate. 

“Our main goal of the Culture Crawl is to give people entering our space a reason to come back, as our doors are always open from nine to five, five days week.”

The House of Doors building is located at 1295 Frances St and will be open for viewing Friday from 5 – 10 pm and Saturday/Sunday from 11 – 6 pm as part of the Eastside Culture Crawl.

On Friday evening following the crawl, OGA’s real event begins. The newly formed Vancouver Industrial Design Alliance (VIDA) will hold its first meeting in the space - a meeting they hope will bring designers together to support entrepreneurial design growth in Vancouver.

For more information visit: www.eastsideculturecrawl.com

About House of Doors

The House of Doors is an independent door supplier of solid wood doors. All products are solid wood, built in British Columbia, and are made to order by specification. Ranging from shaker, panel, French doors and specialty glass – if you want it, we can make it happen. Visit www.houseofdoors.ca to learn more.


Logan Gilday

Pat Christie

Get to know the designers:



Logan Gilday has been combining his love of art with his Industrial Design degree. Late night shop sessions with after work ideas has built up an interesting collection of furniture and other objects in space. Logan uses wood, ceramic and metal to express such ideas.



Benjamin McLaughlin is a practicing artist and Industrial Designer in Vancouver, Canada. He studied at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, for several years before emigrating to Canada, where he received his Bachelor of Design majoring in Industrial Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

His current work blends his appreciation of acoustics and resonance with his fascination for wood, collaboration and design innovation. 

His 'Ubuntu: Sound Resonating Furniture' pieces encourage interaction within communal spaces. Adapting characteristics from Ancient African Drums, they use consistent form language and aesthetic to create a design with functionality, longevity and an inherent curiosity. 

He explores the opportunity to combine two separate entities; sound and furniture into one design.

McLaughlin’s drums have been exhibited in International Galleries, included in artist talks, and written about in several publications.



Since graduating from the Emily Carr Industrial Design program in 2011, Pat is defining a place for himself within the expanding Vancouver Design landscape. 

Pats most recent undertaking is the Daly Company,  thats re-interpreting past ideas into modern strategies for contemporary living.. Currently focused on wood, the Daly Company is exploring the lighter side of the home creating small furniture with big personality. 

Pats multi-disciplinary approach to design is crystalized in his work and has allowed him to excel in identifying design needs and implementing creative and meaningful solutions.